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ARStyle™ Hair Products

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Andrea Rose's innovative, do-it-yourself beauty products let you say goodbye to day-to-day beauty and fashion dilemmas, enabling you to become your own hairdresser. Andrea Rose® beauty products are easy to apply, high quality, and affordable.

ARcosmetics® Instant Highlights™

Instant Highlights™ is an innovative, all-natural product that creates temporary highlights in your hair in seconds. With its easy-to-use lipstick-like container, you can simply glide on new highlights or fill in those highlights that have grown out. Do you wonder how you would look with highlights but are afraid to use toxic dyes on your hair? Now you can try highlights simply and easily! Instant Highlights™ does not need water and is great to use on the go or at home—just turn the applicator and apply. Save time and money with each application!

Patent Pending

Age Away® Root Color Concealer:

Color Concealer Pen for Gray and White Roots. Patent Pending.

Gone are the days when you had to dye your hair in order to touch up those unsightly gray and white roots. Now the revolutionary, patent-pending Age Away® Root Color Concealer touches up your roots instantly, at home or on the go. Age Away® is an innovative, all-natural product that instantly hides those unwanted gray and white hairs. Age Away® is a wash-out, non-liquid temporary color. It comes in an attractive lipstick-like container so no one will know the secret of how you maintain that great color. It fits easily in any cosmetic bag, pocketbook, or purse. Age Away® needs no water to use—just turn the pen and apply instantly. Use Age Away® on the go or at home with no fuss and no mess. Save time and money with each application!

Funlights Hairlights

Funlights™ Hairlights™ is an innovative, fun-to-use product that comes in great colors for tweens, teens, and young adults. Simple and easy to use, Funlights™ instantly puts great streaks of color in your hair. Funlights™ washes out, is all natural, and contains no toxic chemicals. Just turn the applicator and apply Funlights™, and in seconds you have a new fashion look! Choose from our array of fun colors!

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