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Stylefitter® Pocketbook Fashion Advisor System™

Would you like to have Andrea Rose®, the award-winning inventor, acclaimed fashion designer, author, and lecturer come to your home and give you a private fashion consultation? Now you can virtually, with her innovative and exciting patented software product "Your Stylefitter® Pocketbook Fashion Advisor™.”

Learn the secrets of the fashion industry in this easy-to-use fashion self-help product. Andrea Rose® created this product to help you build a successful wardrobe as you learn to become your own fashion consultant. If you are tired of having "A Closet Full of Clothes with Nothing to Wear™" then it is time to gain the knowledge you need before you go shopping for clothing one more time!

You can't help but feel excited and empowered once you place the Stylefitter CD into your computer and begin to learn fashion facts about yourself. Once you start understanding the facts about your unique body type you'll be better equipped to build a successful fashion wardrobe. You will be able to build a closet with clothes that you always wear and that make you look and feel attractive.

The Stylefitter® system is a road map to discovering your fashion self and is designed not only to be fun but simple to use. Andrea Rose® created it to make you feel as though you have a fashion expert with you as you begin to take the first steps in creating a new YOU!

Your Stylefitter® Pocketbook Fashion Advisorfeatures the following:

  • Your Stylefitter® Personal Body Type Analysis CD and StyleFinder™ (PC Compatible Only)
  • Pocketbook of Fashion Styles and Glossary Description
  • Personal Stylefitter® Fashion Fact Finder™ to Discover Your Fashion Self
  • Stylefitter® Learning Center of Fashion Facts
  • Stylefitter® 3 Step Closet Organizer
  • Stylefitter® 3 Step Bureau Organizer
  • 3 Step Wardrobe Illustration Guide
  • Stylefitter® Shopping Calculator
Suggested Retail Price $159.99

Includes CD-ROM and Books
(PC compatible ONLY)

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